Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment VS. Cover Girl Wet slicks Crystals Lip Gloss

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For some time now the most popular trend in lip color has been high sheen gloss. Unlike the regular old lip glosses of yore, these new varieties boast a dazzling wet look and often claim extra features, like ultra glittery finishes and super lip plumping action. Two of the best varieties of these new and improved lip glosses are Sally Hansen’s Diamond Lip Treatment, and CoverGirl’s Wetslicks Crystals. Both are available for affordable prices at mainstream stores like Target and Wal-Mart, but which brand boasts more shimmery bang for your buck?  Keep reading to find out which makeup style will pair best with your bohemian attire.

For comparison purposes I purchased the Diamond Lip Treatment in the shade of “Diamond”, and the Wetslicks Crystals in a “Bubble” shade. The CoverGirl Wetslicks in Bubble has a bit of a pink tint, whereas the Sally Hansen Lip Treatment is merely a frosted white color. Bubble was the lightest shade I was able to locate and although the container looks a frothy cotton candy pink, the actual makeup is only barely colored. There is little difference between the shades of the Sally Hansen and CoverGirl lip gloss varieties, but if you’re looking for a gloss with slightly more tint, the Wetslicks Crystals is the way to go.

The price of the products is also very similar. The Diamond Lip Treatment I purchased was $5.49 for .22 oz, while the Wetslicks Crystals was $4.99 for .27 oz. These prices were comparable between every store I visited, and were significantly less than other similar lipsticks (such as Revlon’s Long Wear which cost upwards of 9 dollars.) It’s clear that with these lip glosses, both Sally Hansen and CoverGirl are offering popular products for great prices. Though the CoverGirl Wetslicks Crystals is slightly less expensive than its Sally Hansen counterpart, the real difference is in the quality and packaging of the two products.

The CoverGirl Wetslicks Crystals gloss comes in a hard plastic tube with a sponge applicator. The long sponge doesn’t quite reach to the bottom of the tube and is completely inflexible, making it difficult to retrieve the gloss once the tube gets low. By contrast the Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment features a similar plastic tube, but a soft brush in place of a sponge. The brush adds a bit of length to the applicator and is far more bendable than the stiff sponge. This allows the Sally Hansen lip gloss to be removed more easily. Additionally, while the Wetslick Crystal’s dense sponge soaks up the gloss, the Diamond Lip Treatment’s brush allows it to sit comfortably on top of the bristles, much like paint on a brush. This makes it much easier to spread the Sally Hansen lip gloss onto your lips, as the CoverGirl sponge is a far less delicate applicator.

In terms of the products themselves, an edge has to go to the Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment, although the CoverGirl Wetslicks Crystals gloss is quite nice in its own right. The CoverGirl lip gloss adds a decent level of shine, accented by some iridescent glitter. It’s relatively thin, and wipes off extremely easily. The Sally Hansen makeup is about three times as thick as the CoverGirl and features a far higher concentration of glitter. Although it isn’t terribly difficult to wipe of the Diamond Lip Treatment, its thicker texture makes it stay put a bit better than the thinner Wetslicks Crystals.

While on your lips the Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment gives the look of a high intensity wet gloss. It’s instantly noticeable and quite pretty without being gaudy. Additionally, the Sally Hansen product boasts of “lip plumping technology”. Although this product does not appear to actually plump the lips, it does make them appear a bit fuller due to the high-shine nature of the gloss. Comparatively, the CoverGirl Wetslicks Crystals adds a light shimmer and gloss, while it is attractive, it doesn’t have the highly perceptible shine of the Sally Hansen gloss. Additionally, because it is not as intense, the CoverGirl does little to make your lips appear plumped.

The Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment wins in packaging as well. The tube is in a rectangular shape and features a shiny silver cap with delicate black lettering on the front, accented by a shimmering faux crystal glued to the tube. It’s a rather elegant presentation. The CoverGirl Wetslicks container isn’t unattractive by any means, but its dull plastic cap, paper label and numerous stock stickers do little to distinguish it from the innumerable other lip glosses on the market.

Because lip gloss has recently gained favor with modern fashionistas, it’s a pleasure to find quality versions for low prices. Both the Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment and the CoverGirl Wetslicks Crystals lip glosses guarantee a high intensity shine with an extra bonus of glitter. Each of the products delivers on its promise, but the Sally Hansen variety does so a bit better. Though I would recommend either product to a thrifty trend setter, the Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment definitely delivers the most bang for its buck.

Essential summer must haves for a boho look

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Accompanied by soaring temperatures, summer has a strong way of holding a firm dictatorship over fashion statements. You want to look great, but definitely not at the cost of your comfort. If you choose to go all boho, you may have more options while creating looks. This style is centered on loose free flowing garments. Hence it gives you enough freedom of movement while also allowing your skin to breathe. Listed below are a few fashion essentials to help put together your bohemian style clothing outfit.

  1. White t-shirt

A white t-shirt is great for all seasons but it becomes more functional especially during the summer. White reflects a lot of light, thus helping you beat the heat during the soaring temperatures. It can be paired with almost anything from jeans to skirts to shorts. You can wear them with prints as well as solid colors. It also keeps the look quite neat, giving you the freedom to indulge in any type of jewelry. If you are planning a vacation, this one garment can save a lot of space in your luggage.

  1. Denim dresses

Denim is undoubtedly the best fabric for summer. However, make sure that you are wearing lightweight denim that is very soft and breezy. Instead of going for denim pants, try denim skirts and overalls. Light, stonewashed colors naturally lend a very cool effect to your look. They also look very casual and effortless. Denim overalls over a thin white t-shirt, paired together with some dark sunglasses will be a great match for the summer.

  1. Hats

Hats take the summer look to another level. If you are hitting the beach, pick a broad-brimmed straw hat. If you do not want the look to be very flashy, you can still wear bucket hats, sailor hats or simple baseball caps. These will not only add class to your summer outfits, but also protect you from the harsh sun.

  1. Lace tank tops

Lace tops are great for beating the heat. You can wear light colored lace tops over a thin under layer and create a flirty, feminine look without having to think much. This is the one typical boho look especially reserved for summer and you can wear them to all formal and non-formal events. Jewelry such as shell chokers and stacked wooden bangles will take the look a notch higher.

  1. Harem pants

Harem pants are very loose in the crotch area. They come in both printed and non-printed fabrics. These pants are ideal for festivals and travels. Brightly printed harem pants with a neutral tank top, a thick bandana and a pair of oversized sunglasses will easily set you apart from the crowd. The better part is that these pants can also be worn during the rest of the year.

  1. Floral headbands

Wearing floral headbands naturally puts you into a holiday mood. These also blend well with all types of boho looks. So keep one handy in case you are hitting the beach, an outdoor party or a music festival.

How the Bohemian dresses suit your fashionable lifestyle

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When the people especially girls are searching for the best and fashionable dressing style to show their personality and it is highly suggested going for the boho dresses or clothing. Bohemian dresses were the old fashion in 1300s was introduced but now it is becoming the latest trend in the clothing fashion. The manufacturers of the boho clothing are using the embroidery, patchworks, suede chunky jewelry and also the paisley prints in order to make the different styles of boho chic trendy clothing for your highly fashionable look. Such dresses in the boho clothing trend are the best known for its chilled out vibe and earthy roots in order to get the original bohemian appearance at all.

Each and every characteristic used in the bohemian clothes is actually mixing and as well as layering of the prints, clothes and also colors. Most of the younger girls today thank so many of the fashion experts who have already helped everyone to be adapted to the boho fashion style in order to get the best popularity among the different fame personalities and stars. The contemporary fashion of the bohemian clothing will be suitable for the confident women who have more positive vibes. The style with the boho dress actually celebrates the freedom, creativity, fun, and also the wide range of romance. Some of the modern dresses regarding the bohemian fashion will be greatly funny to provide the playful look to the wearers. At the same time, it is very easy to control the style and look of the ladies along with the suitable accessories such as boots, chunky jewelry, hats, sandals, cardigans/coats and many other things as per your needs. There are also street style dresses available in the boho fashion to be rock in the latest trend.